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Our Brigrade training every Monday from 6pm through to 9pm.  We also train every second Sunday.

Basic FireFighter (BF)

The first course undertaken by members wanting to become active fire fighters. Once you have completed your BF you are then able to go on and complete more intensive courses or you can apply for specalised courses such as chain saw operator, air base operator, and many more. BF is the only fire fighting course undertaken purely within the member's own brigade.

Village FireFighter (VF)

Provides skills needed when dealing with incidents in an urban interface such as structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, salvage and rescue.
Prerequisites: BF.

Advance FireFighter (AF)

Two parts: AFP and AFT. Gives an insite into the realms of the crew leader. AFP Teaches the fire fighter to use/assess Maps, fuel loading, terrain & topography, weather and weather equipment and to recognise and deal with hazards. AFT teaches pumps and pumping, etc. Members with AF are able to work autonomously on the fire ground, and lead a crew when needed.
Prerequisites: BF

Crew Leader (CL)

Includes Crew Leader Safety, Crew Leader Village, and Crew Leader Wildfire. This is the prefered qualification to command a crew, the minimum qualification to hold a Captain or Senior Deputy Captain position, command a task force/strike team and will soon be the minimum qualification to be a Deputy Captain.
Prerequisites: AF




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